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Are you and everyone to be insured a permanent resident of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Republic of Ireland?
This policy cannot provide cover for anyone who is not resident in these countries.
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Area 1
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Area 2:
European countries (Restricted) including The Channel islands, The Republic of Ireland, Russia (west of the Ural Mountains), islands in the Mediterranean, the Azores, Madeira and Iceland (excluding Spain, the Canary Islands, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta and Switzerland).

Area 3:
European countries as per Area 2 including Spain, the Canary Islands, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta and Switzerland.
Who is cover for?
Definition of Couple is: You, your spouse (or a partner you have lived with for six months or more) or a Single Parent with 1 child.
Definition of Family is: You, your spouse (or partner you have lived with for six months or more) and your dependent children (aged under 18 years) or a Single Parent with 2 or more children.
What is the age of the oldest traveller on departure?
The age limit for this insurance is 79 years when the policy cover commences.
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Cover Details

Statement of Price:
Premium for 12 Months Cover Insurance Premium Tax at current HMRC rate Policy Fee Total Payable
£ £ £ £
Summary of Cover:
This summary just provides you with details of cover levels. For details of exclusions and limitations to the cover we strongly recommend you read the Policy Summary document, which you can access by clicking
Policy Wording:
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Table of Benefit:
Section Cover Description Maximum Sum Insured (per insured person) Excess
1 Travel Disruption GBP 1,000 GBP 100
2 Abandonment GBP 1,000 GBP 100
3 Caravan & Vehicle Recovery GBP 1,000 GBP 100
4 Missed Departure
(for trips outside mainland UK)
GBP 200 No Excess
5 Delayed Departure
(for trips outside mainland UK)
GBP 30 for the first full 12 hours then GBP 10 for each full 12 hours delay after that
GBP 200 No Excess
6 Medical Expenses GBP 1,000,000 GBP 100
7 Hospital Benefit GBP 800
(GBP 25 per day)
No Excess
8 Personal Accident
Loss of Limb
Loss of Sight
Permanent Total Disablement

GBP 20,000
GBP 20,000
GBP 20,000
GBP 20,000
No Excess
9 Baggage
Single Article, Pair or Set Limit
Total Valuables Limit
GBP 1,000
GBP 250
GBP 250
GBP 100
10 Money, Passport and Documents
Cash Limit
GBP 650
GBP 250
GBP 250
GBP 100
11 Personal Liability GBP 2,000,000 GBP 100
12 Legal Expenses GBP 25,000 GBP 100
13 Car Jacking & Mugging GBP 500
(GBP 50 per day)
GBP 100
14 Pet Fees Cover
Pet Repatriation
GBP 200 (GBP 25 per day)
GBP 1,000 in total per policy period
No Excess
GBP 100
Optional Benefits (cover is provided if noted in the schedule)
15 Winter Sports
Ski Equipment
Single Article, Pair or Set Limit
GBP 700
GBP 300
GBP 65
Ski Hire GBP 300
(GBP 20 per day)
No Excess
Ski Pack GBP 250 GBP 50
Piste Closure GBP 300
(GBP 20 per day)
No Excess
Avalanche and Landslide GBP 150 GBP 30
16 Golf
Golf equipment
Single Article or Pair Limit
Hired Golf equipment
GBP 1,000
GBP 300
GBP 100
GBP 65
Golf equipment Hire GBP 400
(GBP 40 per day)
No Excess
Non Refundable Golf Fees GBP 300
(GBP 75 per day)
No Excess

Additional Cover Options

Do you require any of the following additional optional benefits:
Volcanic Ash - cover for Travel Disruptions, Abandonment, Caravan and Vehicle recovery, Missed Departure or Delayed Departure caused by Volcanic Ash
Winter Sports
This option is available only for travellers aged 65 years and under and for up to 21 days in any single period of insurance

Medical Declaration

This insurance Policy contains health restrictions and exclusions that apply to the cover provided under the Cancellation, Curtailment, Medical and Personal Accident sections. If you make a Claim for a Pre-Existing Medical Condition that you have not declared to us and has not been agreed by us in writing, your claim will be declined.

Please now answer the following questions:

Are you or anyone travelling on this policy:

receiving or is waiting for hospital tests or treatment for any condition or set of symptoms that have not been diagnosed
Yes No
travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner or travelling to get medical treatment or medical advice abroad
Yes No
have been told about a condition that will cause your death
Yes No
Has in the last 5 years suffered from or received medical advice, treatment or medication for:
a) any heart-related, blood circulatory (excluding high blood pressure if controlled by medication), stroke, renal failure or diabetic condition
b) any breathing condition for which more than two prescribed medications (including inhalers) are taken, or has ever required the use of supplementary oxygen or the use of a nebuliser
c) any cancer
Yes No
have in the last 12 months, been referred to or seen by a hospital doctor or surgeon (other than an Accident and Emergency doctor) or required hospital in-patient treatment
Yes No
If you have answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions in respect of yourself or anyone travelling under this Policy, You must contact our Medical Screening Helpline by telephone on Tel: 01689 892 228 or you may now proceed to undertake our online medical screening to declare the condition(s) and ensure that the cover will meet your needs. You will be asked further questions about the condition(s) and an additional premium may be payable to cover the declared condition(s), and / or further terms may be imposed.

Persons to be Insured


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Will you be taking a Pet away with you when you travel?
Please ensure that you complete the Pet Questionnaire which will accompany your Travel Documents no more than 5 days before each departure.

Important Information

Are you or any traveller to be insured aware of any medical condition affecting a relative, business associate, travelling companion or someone you are going to stay with, which could result in the trip being cancelled or curtailed?
You should understand and give explicit consent that the sensitive health and other information provided will be used by International Travel and Healthcare, MAPFRE Asistencia (the Insurer), their agents and regulators to process your insurance, provide medical screening, handle claims and prevent fraud. International Travel and Healthcare is committed to keeping your data confidential and processes all information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
I consent to the information provided being used in accordance with the above statement.
You must confirm that the information you have provided is truthful and accurate. Failure to do so may invalidate this insurance, leaving you with no right to make a claim. We must be informed of any facts which are likely to influence us in the acceptance, assessment or continuance of this insurance. It is an offence to misrepresent information.
I declare that the information I have provided is, to the best of my knowledge, truthful and accurate. I confirm that if circumstances change which may affect this insurance, I will notify International Travel and Healthcare as soon as possible.
If there are any changes or additional medical conditions that affect a pre-existing medical condition which have occurred before the start of the trip and after the Policy has been issued, you must call the Medical Screening Helpline and advise the changes.
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