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We are unable to offer travel insurance in, to or through any of the following countries: Afghanistan, Liberia, Syria, Iraq or Sudan.

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If you would prefer to make this application for insurance over the telephone then do please call us on the above number between 9am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday, or between 9am and 1pm on Saturday.

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What is the total invoiced cost of the oldest traveller's cruise, including flights, rail travel, accomodation, transfer and other associated costs?
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Area 1:
The United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland, Western European countries west of the Ural Mountains other than Spain, the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Azores
Area 2:
Spain, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Madeira, the Azores, the Mediterranean islands, Iceland
Area 3:
Worldwide excluding the United States of America, Canada, all Caribbean islands and Mexico
Area 4:
The rest of the world
Who is this cruise insurance for?
Partner means: you and your married spouse, your partner in a civil partnership or the partner in a cohabiting relationship who have been living together at the same address for more than 6 months. Children means: their unmarried dependent children (including adopted, foster and step-children) under 18 or, if still in full time education, 23.
Would you like to include cover for personal effects and personal money?
Limited cover is provided for personal property up to £1,500 subject to a limit of £250 per item and £400 in total for valuables. Spectacles and sunglasses are excluded. Money is covered up to £500 including £200 in cash but, for those under 18, the cash limit is £50. You may have more suitable cover under your household policy. Your premium will be reduced if you do not choose to add this cover.
Would you like to include cancellation cover?
Cancellation cover protects the total invoiced holiday cost shown on your booking form should you have to cancel your cruise. If you do not take out this optional cover, the premium will be less but you will not be able to recover the cost of your cruise if you cannot travel. Please note that cancellation cover cannot be backdated and will therefore begin as soon as you incept this policy if you have selected this option.


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Health Questions 1

This policy contains certain health restrictions, exclusions and conditions relating to your pre-existing medical conditions and those of your relatives, fellow travellers and anyone else whose health may impact on your cruise holiday and therefore the insurance. Failure to answer truthfully the questions below may result in your claim being refused or your insurance being inoperative.

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, it does not always mean that you are not eligible for cover but rather that medical screening is needed. In some instances, an additional premium or increased policy excess may be required. Please telephone our Medical Screening Helpline on 01689 892227 between 9:00am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday and 9:00am to 1pm on Saturday to get a quote.

Are you, or any traveller to be insured, aware of any medical condition which could reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim irrespective of the date of the original diagnosis?
Yes No
Are you, or any traveller to be insured, suffering from or, in the last 5 years, received treatment for or been diagnosed with any of the following
A - Cardiovascular or heart related conditions (heart attack, angina, chest pain, hypertension and the like)?
Yes No
B - Lung or respiratory related conditions (not including asthma, when it is controlled and the person to be insured has no other medical condition)?
Yes No
C - Circulatory or renal conditions, diabetes or cancer, whether in remission or not?
Yes No
D - Stroke, brain stroke or TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) or other cerebrovascular condition?
Yes No
E - Psychological or psychiatric conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, dementia, eating disorders, malaise, fatigue (burn out syndrome)?
Yes No
F - A terminal condition?
Yes No


Health Questions 2

Do you or any traveller to be insured have any medical condition
A - Which has been treated by or referred to a specialist consultant in the last 2 years?
Yes No
B - For which you are taking or have been told to take regular prescribed medication?
Yes No
C - For which prescribed chronic medication has been changed in the last 2 years?  
Yes No
D - Which has required an organ transplant or dialysis?
Yes No
E - For which treatment is ongoing or is awaited as a hospital in-patient?
Yes No
F - Which is under investigation?
Yes No
G - Which will require medical treatment during the cruise or where the intention of the travel is specifically to get medical treatment abroad?
Yes No
Are you or any traveller to be insured aware of any medical condition affecting a relative, business associate, travelling companion or someone you are going to stay with which could result in the cruise being cancelled or curtailed?
Yes No
The policy provides cover for most leisure activities but, for some, excludes personal accident and personal liability cover.

For a list of covered activities, please click .

Winter sports and hazardous activities are specifically excluded. Please click for a full list.
Are you or any traveller to be insured going to participate in winter sports or any other excluded hazardous activities and sports?
Yes No

Persons to be insured


Please enter the full name of the Policyholder. This must include title, first name and surname.
Please enter the date of birth of the Policyholder.
How old will the Policyholder be when the holiday commences?
Please enter the Policy Holder email address below:
This is for claim handling purposes and the one-time receipt of information about this policy only. We will post your Quotation, Medical Declaration and Schedule of Insurance due to these documents containing Personal Information.
Does the Policyholder have any pre-existing medical conditions to declare in accordance with the Health Questions you have just answered?
Please select the number of additional travellers, if any (max 6 in addition to Policyholder).

Important Information

You should understand and give explicit consent that the sensitive health and other information provided will be used by International Travel and Healthcare, MAPFRE Asistencia (the Insurer), their agents and regulators to process your insurance, provide medical screening, handle claims and prevent fraud.

International Travel and Healthcare is committed to keeping your data confidential and processes all information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
I consent to the information provided being used in accordance with the above statement.
You must confirm that the information you have provided is truthful and accurate. Failure to do so may invalidate this insurance, leaving you with no right to make a claim.

We must be informed of any facts which are likely to influence us in the acceptance, assessment or continuance of this insurance.
If applicable, the Medical Screening reference will be entered here.
I declare that the information I have provided is, to the best of my knowledge, truthful and accurate. I confirm that if circumstances change which may affect this insurance, I will notify International Travel and Healthcare as soon as possible.
I have read and accept the International Travel and Healthcare Terms of Business. Please click to view.
I have read and understood the Policy Summary. Please click to view.
Please be aware that, IF you have answered YES to any of the medical questions, the quotation you are about to receive will NOT include cover for any pre-existing health conditions. Any existing health conditions must be covered on this policy, please make a note of the UNIQUE reference number provided on the following page, and then call International Medical Screening on 01689 892227 to complete the medical screening.
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